Below is a selection of the sculpture art I have created, click on an image to see it enlarged:

CENTREPOINT From the centre moving outwards. Seeing make believe creatures numbers and letters, that is kleft to the imagination. ROADS TO NOWHERE The journey of our lives going round in circles to nowhere. ENTRAPMENT looking from a closed trapped world into the night looking out to be free.
CAT IN THE CAGE A black cat in a zoo imprisoned for ever. BRIGHT CITY The Light of Life in the night of a city. BUSHFIRE The burning of life itself. This sculpture art has two ghosts images of which appeared in the fire. They are easily seen on the screen, but there is no explanation on how these ghost images have appeared. The ghost images appear to be screaming to get out of the fire.
RUNNING COLOURS like rain running off a tin roof with colours. REFLECTIONS Looking into the water and seeing images it reflects. BUILDINGS OF THE NIGHT The building of concrete into the darkness of the city.
COLORS Colors which appear to come out at you ZEBRA When you look at the zebra it appears to be moving. BLACK AND WHITE Two opposites of birds coming together.
FAR OFF GALAXY Other worlds Far off into our imagination of how it might be.


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