Sculpture Art gives the artist the chance to experience both mediums of sculpture , and painting as one. It also gives the artist the chance to experience different texture, colour and 3-D affects.

The beauty of Sculpture Art is that any artist at his or her own level, can create sculpture from the beginner, to a master artist to create the most simple or the most complex Sculpture Art.

Sculpture Art releases new energies, and ideas in each individual person, who creates one giving a complete freedom in art by combining both mediums together.

The finished Sculpture Art is so complete in its field that it makes a statement in it's self, it catches our full attention which is the satisfaction of completion.

Materials used for Sculpture Art can be any number of combinations used to create Sculpture Art including oil paint. . In actual fact you can lay colour upon colour, this creates two illusions of colour.

The founder of Sculpture Art is myself Nick Makris. I hope that you have many hours of enjoyment, in creating Sculpture Art and have the satisfaction of full fulfillment by looking at the end result as I have had.

This new age art, Sculpture Art was only possible by the inspiration of God himself to me. Who I thank and share with you all.


Nick Makris.
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