There are many materials used in Sculpture for both the base as well as the sculpture. I use oil paints for both the base and the sculptures. Here are a few more I use:

  • Base - Masonite, wooden boards etc.
  • Sculpture - Metal, Wood, Glass etc.


I remember in 1976 as a young man living with my Auntie Irene in Athens, how she pointed at two large portraits of my grandparents painted by Dimitrios Pougianos. He is a distant cousin to me. Auntie Irene was a close friend and cousin of Dimitrios Pougianos and had many of his paintings.

Dimitrios Pougianos died before I had a chance to meet and know him. At the time of his death I was very young and living in Australia SA Klemzig. Auntie Irene showed me his early art work which she pointed out and said was very simple art work, that he had struggled for many years. But he had the passion and kept on painting, he later studied art in France and went on to become one of the great Greek artists of Greece. When he died his paintings were stolen from his apartment in Athens.

What my Auntie Irene had shown me was I could paint with out any effort because it comes from within as it is a special gift from God, but Dimitrios Pougianos had to struggle very hard, but at the end he made it because he had the passion and the persistence which made him one of the Great Master Artists of Greece.

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